The “BRIDGES” Project – FavHer Productions in Yorba Linda

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The fantastic ideas of the story can be developed in films and fabulous screens for all the spectators to see. You probably have some wonderful traditions that we can do. Contact us at FavHer productions in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Receive our resources and we want opportunities to create. In order to pass the barrier there is a structure made to eliminate the physical obstacles without closing the bridge by the bridges’, the valley or the body of the road. There are many different designs that serve each particular purpose and apply to different situations. Another group of work services is flexible and adequate to meet the needs and needs of young people. They are presented voluntarily and are free and secret. Four practice teams provide our work and goals; Transitions, Way 2 work, skill and way 22 work # Cash back. BRIDGES project organizations seek to do their part within the local and national network to help young people become successful students, trusted people, responsible citizens and responsible citizens.


Get the skills and confidence you need to access and maintain more education, training and employment. Manage the transition from school to school, mutual and lasting destinations. Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate on the road of free living and successful tenant management. Grow confidence, increase elasticity, and develop the transportation strategies needed to become successful young adults. Increase the basic skills of your skills and face the academic deficit that damages them in life, work and community involvement. You need to feel part of your local community to form social networks and strengthen social anchoring. It depends on creativity and its reserves to make the most of them and to grow as young adults and as true pursuers of the community.

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Our aim is to provide young people with access and maintenance of key services that require a secure transition to adult responsibilities, including free living, employment, education and training. We believe that young people should determine the shape of their future and fully participate in the social, economic, political and cultural life of their community.

For more than 30 years, the bridges project is working hand in hand with weaker and more dependent youths so they can become young adolescents, changing and changing the needs of their lives to change their lives; It gives the first step to climb the lane live of the bread online and into a full and rewarding life in its personal way. We obtain good quality, ie services; work with the value of youth forces and their related needs and to increase obstacles. We listen to the ideas of young people in designing and monitoring our services that are in their changing conditions, desires and discrimination. Use local methods to work closely with local, voluntary and third sector organizations to maximize resources and benefits for young people to understand the needs and needs of their desires. Recruitment, support and value of high quality personnel, volunteers and donors, who shared our values ​​of respect, dependence, equality and innovation.

The rest of the free and local, which allows us to meet the changing needs of young people and our partners, who work with them, working with the public and the people we paid for the money, good the government is maintained and endeavor. Be professional in all our tasks. There is currently a plan in the early stages of development, such as “Pulse” at FavHer Productions in Rancho Cucamonga. There is a role based on the story and interacts with each other and around those who solve their related personal problems.

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The red character, the main character, is presented as a young girl approaching challenges to overcome her business from the ground. Later, it stops the secrets of a family. With a family secret for the digestive brain and deeper with greedy business, struggles to keep her attention. To increase further confusion, they also develop into emotional intramural around the characters around them.

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