Soy Rah (Rayra Soares) Brazilian singer Guide

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Soy Rah (Rayra Soares), is a Brazilian singer whose main passion is music and singing. With a multicultural background, she mixes the best of pop, electro and Afro Brazilian beats! Rah arrived for the first time in the USA from Brazil, not knowing any english and is completely self taught. As she grew up, after going through a painful heartbreak/divorce, one decision changed the rest of her life.
To not longer postpone what she knew from the heart she truly knew from the heart she was destined to be, a professional singer.

One of the things she won’t ever forget is/was of seeing herself trying to memorize a full song for the first time as my anxiety, ADHD, was so strong that back them she couldn’t sing an entire song as she would lose concentration within 60 seconds. Nowadays she is not only able to sing a a song for 60 seconds, but all the 20 songs she’s produced during the pandemics til now.

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