Last Night Was Hell

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LVSTNIGHT’s lyrical choice and stupendous singing prowess in this EP has broken conventional rap myths and established norms in modern hip-hop. But that’s and then this new generation of rap fans who are more used to the new generation stars like Drake, Meek Mill, and Kendrick Lamar.
From club bangers to heavier, more emotive tunes, LVSTNIGHT’s debut EP “Last Night Was Hell” has a track for every mood.. “Dead” and “Demons” show the Montana-based rapper’s darker side and his lyrical prowess, while “10 Hiii” and “Vogue” are dance-worthy tracks fitting for a particular date.
Lvstnight is a stupendous rapper that has come up with the EP ‘Last Night was Hell‘ that has enthralled the audience. The rappe hails from Montana and has swept the audience off their feet along with his swashbuckling artistry. The rapper has broken conventional myths with the newness that he has taken to the genre of hiphop. He has amplified the vocal quotient with his songs which have made the temperatures to soar. You can learn about the rapper’s life by logging into his Instagram profile. You could start a conversation with the rapper on Twitter.

You can listen to “You can listen to “Last Night Was Hell” on all major platforms. You can even follow LVSTNIGHT on Instagram and Twitter to remain updated on his latest activities
In the EP ‘Last Night was Hell’ by the terrific rapper Lvstnight there are songs like ‘Dead’, ‘Demons’, ’10 Hiii’ and ‘Vogue’ that has captivated the imagination of the listeners. The splendid song-writing is duly supported by the soft funk. There’s a downpour of emotion that lends an organic and natural feel in an electronic backdrop which has got very high-intensity vibes. The rapper spent some time working upon the many moods with consummate ease which sets apart every song from one another keeping the true fervor intact. The tracks are very peppy and it will suit people over a particular date spree. Spotify is one particular place to purchase his music.

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