How to Save Money on Your First DJ Setup

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DJ systems come in a variety of models and there is one to suit every budget. If you’re new to the art of disc jockeying and are looking to invest in high-quality DJ equipment without going broke, here are four tips that will help you save money and yet assemble a superlative DJ setup.

Convert your smartphone into a sophisticated DJ controller

Being new to the field requires that you think twice before making big investments in expensive DJ sound systems and equipment. Seasoned jockeys recommend starting with the basics and looking at what you already have available.

A few essentials that you don’t need to spend money on include free software that will help you convert your smartphone or tablet into a good musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) controller.

The great thing about converting your touchscreen device into a midi remote is that you can download iOS or android apps that make the task of managing your setup a breeze and give you much greater control over your equipment.

Buy pre-loved equipment

Another great way to make substantial savings on our first DJ setup is to look for pre-used gear that’s in great condition. People sell their near-new equipment all the time for various reasons, and if you look hard enough and go shopping with the right knowledge, you can get a great deal on assembling your first DJ booth.

Additionally, when buying sophistication mixing gear it’s always a good idea to buy local so that you can have a thorough look at the equipment before paying for it. If you don’t find a good deal in your neighborhood or city, hunt online but be sure to double-check all the minor details.

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Use Free Music

As you’d know, the web is a haven of loads and loads of free music you can use without resorting to piracy. Look online for established and upcoming artists giving away the best of their tracks either free or at throwaway prices.

Even when you do decide to pay for an exceptional track, compare prices on several different web stores and go for the lowest price. Even a dollar saved on a single track is saving nonetheless!

Hone your craft

Becoming a seasoned and sought-after DJ takes a lot more than the ability to mix great music. You need to have in-depth technical knowledge and of course an undying love for the craft. Technical know-how comes from continuous learning and upgrading your skills. So learn something new every day—such as using a particular app, fixing a faulty component on your own and using keyboard shortcuts that make a DJ’s life easy and help overcome limitations in the equipment.

To sum up, if you know your craft all you need is great DJ gear. Be a smart shopper and assemble your first DJ setup in a fraction of its cost using the tip shared above. Also read this handy buying guide listing some of the best dj controller for beginners available on the market.

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