How to Write A Song Like A Pro

songSo you want to become a songwriter and write a song, but you do not know quite where to start. Most aspiring artist get hungup on rather to write the lyrics or the melody first. Well throw that thought out of your mind. It doesn’t matter exactly where you start, as long as you finally take steps to start. And lastlynyou must make the commitment to follow through and complete your song.

I believe that there are three ways you can start

  • You can start with the lyrics and let everything else follow
  • You can start with the title which and from there think of lyrics that explains the tittle.
  • Lastly you could think of a melody and think of lyrics that will complement your music Continue reading »
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What You Will Study In Music School – 2014 Edition

Classic MusicTaking courses throughout their careers allows musicians to have a better understanding of the fundamentals of music composition. While musicians are not required to have a formal education, continuing education is always a wise investment. There are a number of popular education programs for musicians in two thousand and fourteen!

Music adds life everywhere it is heard. Musicians that write, produce and record music are extremely talented individuals with a very unique skill set. Many musicians that choose to further their knowledge base by attending classes often have a technical edge over those who lack a formal education.  Continue reading »

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Tips for the Singer-Songwriter in 2014

RapSo you’re a singer-songwriter and your New Year’s resolution is to have your music on the radio (or at least a known stage) in 2014. It’s not impossible, but there are a few things you should understand about the industry. Times are constantly changing, and as with any market, producers have to cater to the consumer in order to make a sensible profit. No real artist wants to compromise their artistic integrity or ‘dumb down’ their musical vision for the masses, but if you want to be a full-time, mainstream singer-songwriter you will have to make some exceptions.

Eminem, a well respected rapper, co-wrote “Syllables,” a hip-hop song about what it takes to be number one as a rapper in today’s music market. He says, “It is not about lyrics anymore, it’s about a hot beat.” He goes on to mention that the chorus must be catchy and easy to remember. This isn’t just true for hip-hop. A teachable melody, trendy instrumentation and a catchy hook is desired across most mainstream genres. Eminem didn’t sound too thrilled about this reality but he managed to throw a catchy hook into the song, mocking the current state of music. Continue reading »
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Top Fitness Training For Muscians

In case you wonder what it takes to get in shape like the top music icons, then you need to work out in a special way that is different from others. This is because all pop music icons are admired for their bodies as well as their voices. Maintaining a good body shape for a model is their core concern. This is not only achieved by their diet but also through strength fitness training. For pop stars, aerobics such as walking, swimming, skiing and also jogging helps to revive body metabolism and the heart rate.

Building your stamina is another key you should consider and this can be done by on the muscles in your body so as to ensure that calories are burnt and the desired body shape is achieved. Resistance workouts can be done regularly but you should not typically work out with machines. Body weight training without machine gives better results; it’s healthier and at the same time is also safe. Another reason why training on machines is discouraged is that it can lead to stagnant muscle growth.  It’s highly recommended that you also pursue some outdoor activities to help you build stamina like rowing or manually pushing yourself around on a tandem kayak like these at  If you are an outdoor adventurist, take a look at using a kayak on your next fishing trip to burn some extra calories.

Sample Video Of Workouts For Musicians:

Stretching is another way of helping yourself stay fit. Most people do not do stretches and if you become flexible it will give you an added advantage since you will be able to compete better. It should be noted that besides one becoming flexible, stretching also helps you to have elongated muscles as well as minimizing risk of injury during performance.

In a case for fat loss, most people including top pop stars will use cardio workouts. This should be done at interval basis preferably for best results. Ensure that the workouts are short but intensive and finally you will have your desired lean body that is fit for a pop star.

Proper nutrition is another key factor to consider. This is because good diet will not only make you healthy but also gives you the required body building blocks for muscles. During your exercise program it will also be good to note that proper nutrition should be a factor to be considered.

Fitness training for can also be accompanied by supersets. This concept is used to mean the time between two subsequent sets. Supersets can involve same muscle in between sets or different muscle groups. Supersets define your muscles which are more than ten repetitions. It’s recommendable that you perform at most three supersets to avoid being over exhausted.

Fitness training is also boosted by encouraging protein intake. Boosting your protein consumption will regulate your blood sugar level as well as assisting in muscle building. It is also highly encouraged that you drink a lot of water so that your body can be able to expel any toxins in the body as the muscles work.

Finally, it also advisable that you should have a professional watch who will make sure you are doing the moves in the right way. In order for you to get the best result while training, try to use a good posture and the right muscles as you workout!!

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Top Audio Editing Software for Beginners

Being able to write songs or to play an instrument is a wonderful thing but to be able to get the most out of your talent and to market it, you need to get it on the computer and edit it to perfection. This polishing adds the finish to the raw materials that can make the difference between success and failure when you approach someone with your music. It is a bit like having a luxury pool table and using cheap pool table felt – the finish just isn’t up to the overall standard and lets everything down.  See the video below for some good examples.

Of course, when you are starting out, buying a piece of expensive editing software is a big decision. So what are the experts’ views about what you need to look out for in the software to get the best for your money?


As well as the normal cut, paste and copy functions, the best editing software has a range of equalizers, mixers and filters as well as different effects that can be applied. They also allow beginners to start getting used to the features then work upwards and utilize more. Advanced tools usually allow programming of settings that can be reused for other pieces.
Filters and effects are great for getting rid of unwanted sounds or for emphasizing particularly good ones. Effects often include echoes and reverbs and most software will offer preset options as well as tools to create your own.
As well as recording, good audio editing software will allow you to import files that you have stored on your computer. They will often allow live capture from a line-in audio source as well and then be able to export the file or burn it to a CD or DVD.

Using the software

Firstly, the software should be easy to use so always try one that allows you to test it before you buy it. You don’t want to be wasting valuable time hunting around for everything or being baffled by the terms they use. Shortcuts are also a handy feature to let you quickly access the features you use the most often.
Help or support programs are also very important in this type of software. While you will often learn through usage, it is also important that if something does go wrong, or you simply need to know how to use an element, that there is a support tool available. Whether this is an online database you can browse to find an answer or an email facility to the developer of the software, a point of contact for problems is always important. Plus, if there is a good backup in place to solve problems, this is a rough guide as to how much effort the programmer has put into the software and can be a very rough guide as to how good the software is. If you have pride in your work, you want to be there if anything goes wrong.
There are lots of different software programs available for audio editing with different levels of complexity. A lot of what will suit you depends on what you want to do with it so those with free trials are the best bet to make sure you get the most out of the new program.

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Songs for guys who love to fish

Fishing is a past time that is relaxing yet challenging. One of the aims is to get a large enough fish to give you bragging rights for a long time to come. Another aim of fishing is to catch enough fish to supply your freezer with healthy white meat to last a while.

If you want to enhance your chances of getting fish, you need to be patient. You could always find the top rated fish finder. These electronic tools transmit sound waves into the water to determine where the best catch is located within a water body. In the meantime, as you continue to plan or wait for the catch you are hoping for, you could always entertain yourself and pass time by listening or whistling to a few fishing songs.

Fishing Songs You Should Listen To

Fishing songs are great for fans of fishing. These songs talk about fishing or are inspired by fishing and water. You will find them quite appropriate whenever you are trying in to haul in your catch of the day, regardless of where you are.

1. Fishin’ Blues

Fishin’ Blues is a fishing song that was sung by Taj Mahal.

The song talks about how big fish bite if you have good bait. The song also talks about the character, who repeatedly states that he is going fishing with his “baby.”

Fishin’ Blues is a great whistling song to get you in the mood as you prepare to go haul in the catch for the day. You could also learn all the lyrics and sing them to yourself or your loved one when the two of you are outdoors preparing your fishing gear.

2. I’m Gonna Miss Her

I’m Gonna Miss Her is a fishing song that was sung by Brad Paisley.

The song talks about a character that loves his better half but also loves to fish. It then goes on to talk about how the man in question spends all his days by the lake trying in to catch fish, something that gets him in a lot of trouble. The man is then given an ultimatum: his fish or his better half.

The fishing song by Brad Paisley goes on to talk about how the character decides to go to fish despite his better half threatening to move out if he does. The fun part of the song is when the male character states that he will miss his better half when he gets home, because he did after all, go to fish!

I’m Gonna Miss Her is a great song especially for any man who always gets in trouble with his better half, for fishing too much.

3. The Five Pound Bass

The Five Pound Bass is a fishing song that was sung by Robert Earl Keen.

The song starts by talking about a character’s journey to catch a five-pound bass. The lyrics take you through the day starting with when the character in the song wakes up early in the morning, takes a honey bun and coffee, which is a typical angler’s breakfast and fuels his car.

The lyrics go on to talk about how everyone is camped by the lakeside in their tents, still dreaming of that five pound bass.

The Five Pound Bass is a great song for those fishing days, which are challenging. You could sing the tune when waiting for a particular catch that is proving hard to get.

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Known Firearms Supporters In Music

MusicianMusic and guns are an odd combination, so it is not surprising that there are only a handful of well-known firearm supporters in the music industry. But those that do support firearms are very outspoken and proud of it. Here are some of the most famous firearm supporters who can also play and/or sing a mean tune:

Ted Nugent

Question: how do you know Ted Nugent is speaking out in favor of gun ownership? Answer: It’s Wednesday. The rock star has been one of the most outspoken advocates of guns in the entertainment industry, and has amassed a collection impressive enough to scare off a small army; of course he can’t fire them all at once. Still, he is on the Board of Directors of the NRA, and never misses a chance to promote gun ownership as the best line of self defense against crime.

And what are his opinions about hunting, you may be wondering? “Anyone who thinks hunting is terrible can kiss my ass,” says the man. He would love a site like which specializes in optics reviews of different scopes like those of the mosin nagant.

Joe Perry

The lead guitarist of Aerosmith is certainly not “jaded” about gun ownership and the Second Amendment. During his tours with the band, he collected “here and there,” and he later defended his acquisitions during a Fox News interview. He also appeared on the series “Sons of Guns,” surely confirming his status as a gun-loving musician.

Miranda Lambert

The lithe country star’s gun ownership is her reaction to a death threat she received. Most celebrities would have hired a bodyguard, which is also a smart option. But Lambert took the more do-it-yourself route to protection and purchased a firearm. Talk about cutting out the middleman.

Bruce Willis

You are perhaps thinking that Bruce Willis does not count as a musician? Then you haven’t heard him play the harmonica, because he can play it like nobody’s business. Incidentally, he is also an advocate of firearm ownership. Could we have expected anything less from the star of “Die Hard?” Of course, even John McClane could use some of the best AR-15 scopes and optics like those seen at


The actor/rapper defended the Second Amendment in the wake of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado at a premier of “The Dark Knight Rises.” He cited the amendment as the “last form of defense against tyranny.”

Eric Clapton

Clapton amassed an exhaustive collection of guns, in the same way that he collected guitars; he has since sold many of them off, although he still owns numerous firearms. Quality is better than quantity, though. If he wants some known shooting tips, he can always check out this site to find the best rifle scope or check out some additional reviews.

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The Best Music For A Workout


what kind of music do you love to hear with your workoutEveryone likes different types of music for different reason: some people it’s about the lyrics, some it about the notes and some it is about the emotional attachment to a particular song. Music is great for help or hindering moody and associating with memory. A specific song can make you recall a specific event.

Music can be an inspiration as well. If you are starting out with a new exercise such as running, you can get yourself a pair of cheap running shoes for women, some new kit and pick out the route you want to run. But something there’s a little something lacking. The right music can be the missing element that gets you going, gives you that edge to start or keeps you motivated to finish your task.

What type of music works?

Much of the answer to that question is personal; there are just some types of music you don’t like and even if it is the most motivation style of music in the world, you won’t get along with it. But if you are open to any type of music or willing to try something new, here are a few suggestions from top runners as to what works for them.

  1. Heavy metal

This works on two fronts – it is loud and fast paced which helps you maintain your rhythm and it is aggressive which can help you channel a little bit of rage and get your through the worst of it. Some people find it gets their spirits going or makes them angry, but either way it can motivate you to accomplish your aim, even if it is just so you can turn it off!

  1. Electronic dance

Dance music is particularly good for running because of the strong beat to it, which people find is great for keeping up your desired pace.

  1. Rap music

Similar to dance music, rap music often has a strong beat to it to keep your pace in line with and the stories told in the song can be great to help you concentrate on something other than how much your legs are aching!

  1. Classic rock

Like heavy metal, it has a good beat to it and can get you going but also, depending on your age, can bring back memories that help motivate you. Nothing is more nostalgic than a bit of 80’s rock.

  1. Classical music

Classical music is in itself as varied as possible so you can find music that is rousing and makes you work harder or relaxing so that you are calm and focused on what you are doing. It is great mood music because there is always something for every situation.


Whether you want to listen to your favourite bands while running or try something different that has a desired effect, using music to help your workout is ideal. It doesn’t matter if it is for running, working out in the gym, cycling or nearly any other sport or activity, a pair of headphones and a little MP3 player can make all the difference to your workout.

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Tips on Song Writing From A Professional

Song WriterMost assume when singer/song writers sit down to write a song pen hits paper and it’s this magical experience where a hit is born. This couldn’t be further from the truth, if you’re planning on exploring a career in song writing it’s just like any other job. Even on days where it’s tough going you show up.

Tip 1: Show Up Every Day

When you decide that you want to write songs for a living (whether it’s for your own band or as a freelancer) you need to understand that it is a job. If you treat it like a hobby you will earn as though it is a hobby. Which is to say you’ll earn very little money. Showing up every day regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish is the single most important aspect to becoming good/earning a living doing whatever it is you love. It is more important then raw talent, it’s more important then your connections and it’s way more important then any education you may have. The first three attributes I described is how you get a job the fourth one is how you continue to get jobs and succeed.

Tip 2: Develop a Routine

I get up, I take a shower every morning. Just like any other working joe on this earth I have my alarm that goes off at 7. I have the luxury of not having to go far (the nearest coffee shop or my kitchen counter or if I’m feeling real ambitious the shared work space) but I still have to get up. Once I get up I have a solid breakfast and a cup of coffee. Once those are done I sit down at one of my three desks with my special notepad, my laptop and my ball point tactical pen I received years ago as a gift. I’ll then work for in blocks of 30 minutes for 4 hours with small breaks in between. Then I’ll eat lunch, go for a walk and sit down for another 3 hours working in blocks of 30 minutes.

Tip 3: Figure Out Which Environment You Work Best In

On Friday’s I can’t sit in my apartment and work. I don’t know why but it’s a fact. I get antsy and I’m incredibly counter productive. Going to a coffee shop helps solve that problem. On Monday’s I really like the quiet of my home, again I can’t explain it but I know it works for me. Identify where you work best and when and try to stick to that schedule.

The thing that each of these tips had in common was that they all involved being consistent. That is the single most important thing you can do when you’re a freelance worker. Most of us struggle with being lazy or being a workaholic. Finding that middle ground is critical and the best way to do that is to set a schedule.

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Musicians and Their Expensive Toys

Imagine that you are a successful musician with loads of disposable money to buy any car (or even a 7-passenger vehicle) you want. Would you go full gorilla and buy the most expensive car on the market or would you play it cool, going low key and middle of the road in terms of cost? I would not hesitate to buy a midnight blue 1969 Shelby Mustang with all the bells and whistles! I may or may not have thought about this very topic a time or two. I started to wonder what cars and SUVs musicians that are currently popular drive just out of curiosity and boy was I shocked by some of the price tags. Take a look at who drives what:

Rapper Jay Z drives a Maybach Excelero with a price tag of $8 million! I’d say he redefines the old adage of “go big or go home” with that hefty price. The Maybach Excelero is a high performance luxury car with a twin turbo V12 engine. The engine is able to accelerate to 60 miles per hour in roughly 4.4 seconds, but let’s hope he saves that neat little trick for when Blue Ivy isn’t riding along!

Rapper Birdman and music producer and TV talent show judge, Simon Cowell are other big spender although they didn’t have to dip quite as far into their piggy banks as Jay Z did. Birdman and Cowell own the fastest street legal cars in production, the Bugatti Veyron. The Bugatti Veyron carries a price tag of $2 million, although Cowell paid a bit less ($1.7 million), and features a quad-turbocharged W16 engine that allows you to drive up to 408.47 kilometers per hour, which for those non metric system users is nearly 254 miles per hour. I have to admit that I would love to take this car for a spin!

Sean Combs (P.Diddy, Puff Daddy or any of his other incarnations) also likes to spend big when buying cars. He has quite the selection, but his most expensive car purchase to date is his two-door Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. The Phantom has a more conservative price tag of $443,000. This car is a pretty big deal for Rolls Royce with its fancy interior and powertrain, V12 engine with a 6-speed transmission.

Justin Bieber is trying to join the big boys car club and at the age of 20 already owns 8 super-fast and super expensive cars. He paid about $420, 000 for his newest baby, the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster. The Murcielago features a 6.2 V12 engine that can reach speeds of 63 miles per hour in less than 3 and half seconds. This particular car is also featured in Batman Begins, so Bieber has his very own Bat Mobile. Are you jealous yet, because I am?!

On the totally opposite side of the price spectrum, but no less awesome than it’s more expensive counter parts is Jack White’s 2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Edition 507. This is an awesome car with a 500 horsepower engine that allows the driver to go from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds. The price tag is a totally reasonable and somewhat shocking $70,000. This is really modest for someone that has the funds like Jack White, but it just shows what a cool cat he is that he doesn’t need a Maybach or Phantom to make him feel like he’s “made” it.

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How to Listen to Music While SCUBA Diving

True music lovers often have ear buds and an Ipod with them at all times. When driving in a car the first thing a music fan does is turn their favorite tune on loudly. Gyms all across America, mechanics shops, restaurants and bars also have music playing. However, how does a SCUBA diving, music lover, listen to music when they are underwater?  This is how I listen to music when I am diving with my Rebreather CCR. Below are some helpful tips to ensure all SCUBA diving enthusiasts, cone now combine their love of underwater adventure with their personal musical playlist.

What is the iDive 300?

The iDive 300 is taking music levels to new depths and allowing music lovers to take their favorite bands with them beneath the surface of the water. The iDive 300 works with your favorite portably music device, regardless of it is an MP3 player or Ipod. The iDive 300 deep dive waterproof case and speakers allow SCUBA divers to not only take pictures underwater, but to create movies, listen to an audio-book, or be serenaded by the divers favorite music artist. Click here for more reviews about iDive 300.


How does the iDive 300 work?

The iDive works at up to depths of 300 feet and allows users to watch video, listen to audio and even run phone apps. The iDive comes with special spacers and trim pieces which allow various sized devices to snuggly fit into the waterproof case. Inside the iDive is a circuit board which works to counteract the pressure build up underwater, allowing for continued use. The iDive 300 also comes with a dock connecting plug and space for three AA batteries, which are used to power the circuit board and headphones. The outside of the iDive 300 has easy to use and handle controls for volume, play and other menu navigational features.

Features of the iDive 300:

  • ·         Completely waterproof up to 300feet or 90 meters
  • ·         Push button control allows touch screen on iPod/iPhones to work
  • ·         Over the ear speakers are able to be attached to air mask strap to under snug fit and to stay in place while diving
  • ·         Built in speaker amplifer for enhanced audio sound


There is arguably nothing more peaceful than being underwater embracing the natural habitat of breathtakingly beautiful sea creatures. Being one with fish swimming, watching manta rays, sting rays and crabs co-exist hundreds of feet below the hectic lifestyle above water is why many SCUBA divers dive deep into the water time and time again. However, until recently, capturing these one of a kind, indescribable, images has been impossible to do. Now with the iDive 300, not only can these images be captured, but they can be turned into a majestic movie and enjoyed for years to come and shared with loved ones who have never had the pleasure of diving into the reefs. The iDive allows divers to dive with more than just bubbles and listen to the soundtrack of their diving equipment. The iDive allows divers to listen to music, watch movies and create capture unforgettable images, all while being up to 300 feet below the sandy shores and is a must have for every diving enthusiast.

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How Pop Stars Maintain Great Hair

ShampoosAlong with movie stars pop stars set the bar for what constitutes “great hair”. While they may have highly paid stylists and barbers at their every whim it is not impossible for the average person to replicate their hairstyles. In this article we will go look into how pop stars maintain great hair and at the same time help you to achieve the same look.

Start By Wash Your Hair The Right Way:

Most people wash their hair based on commercials from shampoo commercials. That is like deciding on how many haircuts to get based on what your barber says. The first step to having great, celebrity style hair is to make sure that you are cleaning your hair correctly. Make sure you use high quality natural shampoo and conditioner. This will have a big effect on the overall health and appearance of your hair. When you are in the shower or bath washing your hair make sure that you massage the shampoo and conditioner into your hair for at least 30 seconds. This helps to penetrate your scalp and increase the general healthiness of your hair. Once you have massaged the shampoo and conditioner into your hair wash it off with cool water. Hot water can remove essential oils that keep your hair strong and shiny.

Once you are done washing your hair you must dry it in the correct manner. Either air dry your hair or use a towel. If you have especially long hair you may use a hair dryer but remember that this can damage your hair and lead to problems like split ends and brittle hair. If you can avoid doing so try to not use a hair dryer. Towels are a fine method and they look good while you wear them up as well.

Once your hair is dry brush and style it in the fashion you desire. If you brush your hair while it is wet you will increase your chances of dandruff as well as potentially damage parts of your hair. Any serious styling should be done once your hair is nice and dry. This also helps various hair styling products to stay in your hair as they are intended.

Go Easy on the Styling Tools:

Make sure you find the right selection of Styling tools and don’t overdo it.  Find great tools like moderate heat curling irons, dryers and find yourself the best curling wand possible for your look.  You can see some examples of these at

Watch Your Diet:

One often overlooked factor in maintaining a gorgeous, healthy head of hair is diet. If you are eating low quality/non nutritious foods your hair will reflect that. In order to have the best quality hair you must eat the best quality food. This means getting lots of Vitamin A, D and other supplements like fish oil. A good way to accomplish this without taking a bunch of pills is to try and eat whole foods and natural foods like fruits, vegetables and fish.

Pop stars maintain great hair by using a combination of all of these methods plus attending to regular grooming. While it may seem hard sticking to these rules will become a habit over time. Eventually you will benefit by having a gorgeous head of hair that could rival any celebrity or pop star.

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Classified Musician Skin Secrets

My job as a make-up artist has allowed me to work with many great people and I am currently traveling with a group of amazing musicians on a tour around the United States. Each day before their shows I find myself having to remind them of some of the most basic skin care steps to follow daily to ensure that their skin stays clear, healthy and as undamaged as possible. Below I will outline four of the major steps needed to take to keep skin healthy. These apply to both men and women with all different lifestyles and occupations.

The first and most important tip to having and maintaining healthy skin is to properly clean and moisturize. I am always having to stress the importance of this to my musician clients, especially since they are often sweaty after performances and don’t have time to cleanse their skin immediately, thus forgetting and going to sleep with dirty faces. I suggest using a mild soap and warm water to cleanse the skin at least twice a day to remove excess oil and bacteria that the skin will hold onto. Moisturizing is very important to protecting the skin from weather and keeps it looking healthy rather than dull. When choosing a moisturizer try to keep your skin type in mind as you don’t want to apply one that will irate your skin or cause it to be too oily before your next wash.

Many of my musician clients perform a good amount of their shows outside and during the day, which increases their exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. I cannot stress the importance of applying sunscreen daily and not just to the face but to any exposed skin. Sun damage speeds up the aging process and kills good cells causing new cells to be formed that may lead to cancer.

It is so important to get a good amount of sleep every day to promote skin health. I have to stress this a lot to my clients since their jobs don’t always allow them to take the best care of themselves since their tours often require a crazy busy schedule. Sleep is important to keep skin looking healthy and refreshed rather than dull with heavy, dark bags under your eyes. It is important to try to establish healthy sleeping patterns and before bed rituals to aid in the amount and quality of sleep you get.

It is so important to abstain from smoking cigarettes and drinking excess alcohol to keep skin healthy on the inside and out. This is also something that some of my musician clients struggle with, but many try to at least listen to a bit of my advice. Smoking can really age the skin due to all of the toxins that are in cigarettes as well as the smoke that is generated from them when lit. Many smokers have extra wrinkles and dull, unhealthy looking skin. Excessive alcohol consumption is also a culprit for dull and unhealthy looking skin. A glass of wine of two a day is actually great for the skin, but much more than that and the results are a much undesired pallor.

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